Understanding how to approach and resolve vacancies quickly is critical for any landlord. Vacancies can cause a significant impact on your bottom line as you’ll still have to keep up with the maintenance and security of your property without receiving any income. So it’s best to resolve this situation and quickly find new tenants.

As a successful landlord, you must employ various marketing strategies to rent your property. You must employ both offline and online strategies, including using social media platforms, rental listing websites, and word-of-mouth advertising. You also will want to ensure you are not making common marketing mistakes.

At Keyrenter Premier, we believe you will achieve the greatest reach by utilizing a variety of marketing strategies. This will allow you to draw in a sizable rental pool, increasing your chances of finding the ideal tenant. Here are some tips to get you started:

Understand Your Target Market

When marketing rental homes, you need to get potential tenants’ attention. But you also need to be certain that you’re attracting the right tenant. So, ask yourself, what characteristics would you want in a tenant?

As this is your rental property, you know the features that will stand out and what local amenities potential tenants would find appealing. Keep in mind not to mention any particular demographic groups or who you believe would be a good fit for your real estate. You don’t want to get yourself into trouble with the fair housing regulations.

That being said, you must be aware of your target audience before you can attract their attention. So, before you spend time and money on advertising, take some time to understand your target market.


Distribute Your Marketing Correctly

Even if your Phoenix rental listing has the best images and most impactful copy, you still need to arrange the distribution of your ad appropriately. So, make sure to use well-known websites only.

Word of mouth and yard signage can also have a great influence on potential tenants. Make use of fliers, yard signs, newspaper advertisements, and online postings.

Additionally, you will also need to monitor and update your ads regularly. This allows you to keep potential tenants interested in your rental property.

Optimize Your Rental Price

Tenants will have a budget in mind while shopping for a rental home and are likely to avoid properties that are out of their price range.

So, setting the appropriate rental price is essential to attracting the ideal tenant to your rental property. If you overcharge your property, potential tenants won’t contact you. Underpricing, on the other hand, will affect your returns.

How can you be sure your home is priced fairly, then?

There are a few choices in this case. You could evaluate the costs charged by different landlords in the area where your property is situated. A web search might also be beneficial.

Consider Word-of-Mouth Advertising

Another effective strategy is to market your rental property through word of mouth. Let people know you have a unit you’re attempting to rent and use your community contacts, friends, or family members to spread the word about your offer.


When describing your property, it’s a good idea to highlight some of its unique characteristics, such as a fully renovated kitchen or its proximity to busy neighborhoods.

If they do manage to find you a tenant, you may even assist them by providing a little rent reduction option or gift card as a kind reward.

Use “For Rent” Signs

Putting a rent sign outside your building may appear outdated, but it is still a very effective method of property marketing. These for-rent signs will draw the attention of passing vehicles and even local residents.

When used in conjunction with other rental property advertising techniques, signs can generate high-quality leads and is a cost-effective approach to letting people know there are available properties.

Additionally, even if the individual who sees the rent sign isn’t personally seeking a place to live, they might know someone who is and be able to direct them to you.

Make Use of Social Media Platforms

Many property owners use social media channels to discover and engage with new renters as the rental market expands. Landlords can advertise their rental homes, communicate with potential tenants, and even develop relationships with current tenants that might result in favorable reviews and referrals by setting up a social media presence.

Additionally, social media gives landlords a powerful platform to post their rental listings and provide them with a competitive edge in the rental market.


Organize an Open House

Compared to a private showing, open houses are usually less formal. They’re a fantastic approach to reaching a bigger audience with your property’s advertising. Curious passersby have the chance to peek into your house, and as a result, they will spread the word to their friends, increasing the potential market of your property.

Additionally, if you own several rental houses as investments, an open house is the ideal time to distribute fliers for your other properties.

Bottom Line

Every landlord must know how to effectively market a vacant rental unit. Local expertise, engaging copy, stunning images, and a winning approach are necessary for successful rental property marketing. The landlord must invest time and effort into all of this to keep renters happy.

Whether it’s a single-family home or a luxury estate, Keyrenter Premier property management has experience in promoting your property and communicating with prospects to ensure that it is advertised successfully and efficiently. We are dedicated to matching your property with the right tenant by using the right marketing tools.