A deciding factor for most tenants when considering whether to stay for the long term is the amenities provided by your rental property. So, it’s best to set up your Phoenix rental home with only the best amenities so your renters are excited to live there.

But first, let’s examine what kind of amenities you should be investing in. At Keyrenter Premier we believe you should focus on the rental amenities your tenants desire and the benefits that come with it.

Defining Rental Amenities

Even though some rental properties are similar in their structure they can differ in terms of the amenities they offer. This can affect things like rent prices, which can vary given the number and type of amenities a property owner offers to their tenants.

Though one rental may have more amenities than another property, the other may be more attractive depending on what tenant needs satisfied. It’s vital to take time to analyze the preferences and desires of your target market.

The more your Phoenix rental home amenities align with what renters find convenient, the more likely they’ll sign a lease renewal, remain happy, and stay for the long haul. Here are the top amenities and provisions renters commonly seek out:

Flexible Pet Policies

Pet ownership keeps rising every year, so many prospective tenants are often on the lookout for pet-friendly units when searching for a place to live in.


Granted there are risks in welcoming pets into your rental property, but there is always a way to counter them. The benefits of permitting pets in your Phoenix rental home outweigh the drawbacks.

Pet fees can also be another source of income but you have to review the state laws before assigning the pet rent, pet fees, and pet deposits since there can be restrictions.

Granite Countertops and Stainless Steel Appliances

Renovated kitchen units are also preferred by renters for their modern look, especially those that will be using the kitchen often.  Granite countertops and stainless steel finishes are generally favored since they’re easy to clean, making them easier to maintain. The material is also very durable, so would avoid frequent replacement and repair.

Although both can be pricey as they are considered luxuries, the investment can be worth worthwhile in the long term. What’s more, you can raise the rent price if you offer these amenities since people generally pay extra for better amenities in your Phoenix rental home.

Security and Safety

When you’re at home, you expect to feel safe. As a rental homeowner, having safety measures in place should be part of your amenities. Install alarm systems, and security cameras, and have security procedures implemented and enforced.

It’s advisable to also check on the current state laws and local regulations on safety to make sure you’re complying. Add the required disclosures to your leasing agreement.

Ample Parking Spaces


Ensure that your tenants have parking areas for convenience. When your rental unit is in a dense area, it’s all the more important to provide designated spots to park their cars, which can also protect personal vehicles during bad weather.

Outdoor Spaces

Another feature is that tenants actively seek out our outdoor spaces. Patios, balconies, roof gardens, or yards are all prized by prospective renters, especially families or those with pets. Some renters also like to garden so having an extra outdoor space contributes a lot to the attractive curb appeal of your Phoenix rental home.

Closets and Additional Storage

During property showings, prospective tenants will generally evaluate the furnishings and storage the property provides. If there’s more extra space to store their possessions such as closets, shelves, and cupboards, they’ll be delighted.

Consider adding a lot of storage when planning your renovation projects. Even if a room is smaller, the added storage spaces will be welcomed.

In-Unit Washer and Dryer

Nothing beats the convenience of being able to do laundry at home. You can add a washer and dryer in your Phoenix rental home so renters have the option of washing their clothes by themselves. This decision depends mainly on the property owner since providing these appliances isn’t a legal requirement.


If you plan to have furnished units, then this amenity is recommended. Still, some renters, especially large families may already own one and may take it with them during move-in. The best thing about an in-unit washer and dryer is having to skip laundromat trips, especially when it’s raining outside.

A Well-Maintained Unit

Providing a trash-free rental space where all home systems are fully functional is very important for prospective renters. Presenting an excellent rental unit with no damage and complete working amenities is a welcome sight for potential tenants.

As a property owner, it’s critical to always keep your Phoenix rental home in a great state. Ensure the unit is rent-ready before scheduling property showings to impress prospective occupants.

Bottom Line

These top 8 amenities can draw more renters to your Phoenix rental home and can present them with a great deal. But it’s also essential to have a convenient online rent payment system. This way, time is saved for both parties. It also encourages the renters to pay on time.

Investing in popular amenities keeps your unit occupied, so the next goal is to minimize tenant turnovers. You can achieve this by keeping your renters happy, addressing their concerns, and advertising effectively to land high-quality renters who take reasonable care of your unit.

Contact Keyrenter Premier today if you’re searching for a trusted property manager to provide outstanding property management services.