Vacancies in your rental properties can be incredibly expensive. For one thing, you will need to pay for cleaning and potential repairs between tenants. For another, you will lose the income that monthly rent provides. In addition to the unit not making money, it will still cost you the regular expenses of maintaining a property. This includes things like inspections, taxes, and utilities. You will also have to pay advertising fees to attract new tenants to your rental property. Obtaining a new tenant also increases the risk of having a tenant that is disrespectful of your property or fails to pay rent. The most cost-effective way to avoid these expenses is by taking steps to keep good tenants in your rental properties long term.

Offer Incentives

Rewards programs can go a long way toward keeping tenants on your rental property long term. You can offer rewards for referrals, loyalty, paying rent on time, caring for the property, and signing longer leases. Incentivizing tenants to stay on your property will provide them with more reasons to stay in your rental property long term.

Screen Tenants

Poor-quality tenants can cause evictions to become necessary, which will ultimately result in expensive costs and vacancies in your rental property. Carefully screen tenants prior to renting out to them to ensure that you reduce the likelihood of evictions becoming necessary.

Regularly Obtain Inspections and Maintenance

Failing to inspect and maintain the property can result in significant issues in the property. These issues will likely create large repair costs. Through regularly inspecting and maintaining the property, you can ensure that it remains in good condition. This will prevent a multitude of issues, as well as keep your tenants far happier.
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