Property maintenance is essential in keeping your real estate investment competitive in the rental property market. Maintenance not only keeps your property in great condition, but it is vital in attracting the best prospective tenants. Maintaining the property also keeps your tenants happy and minimizes tenant turnover.

Real estate investors understand the importance of maintenance and how it can enhance the property’s value. Routine maintenance also plays a major role in identifying repair items that could cause further damage if left unrepaired.

So, how should an investor go about maintaining their rental property?

In this article, we at Keyrenter Premier will shed some light on the different aspects involved in property maintenance. Our goal is to help you understand your responsibilities and the responsibilities of your tenants regarding property maintenance.

Maintenance Responsibilities of a Landlord

When it comes to taking care of a rental property, the landlord has an obligation to provide a tenant with a safe and secure living environment. According to the landlord-tenant laws, these responsibilities include:

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Following any Building Codes

Building codes are put in place to create a safe and habitable environment for the occupants of a property. They are meant to protect the health and welfare of tenants by ensuring that properties are structurally sound, secure, and kept in sanitary conditions.

Building codes outline certain guidelines regarding the use of a property. These include the maximum number of occupants on a property, fire safety measures, as well as plumbing and electrical requirements.

Providing Garbage Disposal Facilities

Proper sanitation is essential in safeguarding the health of your tenants. Cleanliness helps to prevent infestations which can cause diseases and turn the property into a hazard.

So, landlords are required to provide a suitable number of trash receptacles that are sufficiently covered and accessible to all the tenants.

Providing Access to Running Water

Tenants should have access to running water within their rental units for domestic use. This includes access to fully functioning fixtures such as showers, toilets, and sinks.

Regular Property Repairs

Your property needs to be kept in good condition, not just to remain habitable, but because it ensures the value of the property.

Timely repairs help to prevent deterioration and keep the building’s elements functioning properly. So landlords should conduct property repairs whenever the need arises.

Maintaining the Common Areas

Common areas are accessible to all the users of a property such as hallways and staircases. These areas need to be kept safe to prevent accidents from occurring. The stairs should have stable banisters and any potential hazards should be resolved.

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The Roles of a Tenant in Property Maintenance

Tenants also have a part to play when it comes to property maintenance. Some of these responsibilities include:

Preventing Sanitary Hazards in their Rental Units

Tenants should ensure that their units remain clean so as to avoid any health issues. Garbage piling up on their premises can lead to pest infestations which may affect other tenants. So, it is advisable to dispose of any waste material in the proper manner.

Avoiding Mold Growth

Mold tends to grow in damp conditions, especially in rooms that are not well ventilated. Tenants have a responsibility to prevent moisture accumulation within their premises. They are also advised to open the windows for ventilation, so as to avoid the humid conditions that cause mold growth. If you do find mold, then it should be cleaned as quickly as possible.

Avoiding Safety Hazards

Safety hazards within a premise such as blocking emergency exits need to be addressed. Emergency protocols should be observed at all times for the well-being of the occupants. Other safety items such as smoke detectors should also be kept in good working condition.

Following the Housing Codes

Tenants are required to be honest when stating the number of occupants in their lease agreements. Too many occupants in a rental unit may cause a fire safety issue and would also result in the unit deteriorating more quickly.

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Reporting Any Maintenance Issues

One of the best ways a tenant can assist in property maintenance is by reporting any repair issues on the premises, especially if the damage requires an emergency repair.

Tenants can easily identify any maintenance issues since they live within the property. This enables the landlord to respond much quicker – avoiding further damage.

Unlawful Maintenance Requirements

Under the landlord-tenant law, landlords should not include any provisions in the lease that requires tenants to repair the premise. Property repairs are solely the landlord’s responsibility and should not be imposed on a tenant.

Tenants are only held accountable when the damage is due to neglect or misuse of the property.

Bottom Line

Property maintenance is vital in preserving the value of an investment. Both landlords and tenants have a part to play in ensuring the property is safe, secure, and habitable. When done the right way, maintenance can make your rental property profitable for years to come.

Here at Keyrenter Premier Property Management, we can help you grow the value of your investment by not only, maintaining it in peak condition but helping price your rental and market it too. Get in touch with us today for end-to-end property management services in Scottsdale, AZ.