Many landlords struggle with whether they should accept pets or not. Often, it’s a tough call. There are a few things to consider, including the condition of the home, the location of the home, and finally – the rental market.

When we talk about pets, we’re talking about dogs and cats. We aren’t discussing exotic animals like snakes and parrots and monkeys and gerbils. You don’t want those in your rental home.

Scottsdale Property Management: Home Design

The layout and design of your home matters when it comes to pets. If you have a lot of carpeting, you might find it difficult to allow pets. Pet dander and pet hair are hard to remove, and accidents always happen with pets. Pet smells get into the padding under the carpet, and often it’s hard to get the smell out. So, if you have carpeting throughout the home, you may not want pets. Hardwood floors and tiles make it easier to bring pets into the house.

Phoenix Property Management: Home Location

Whether or not you accept pets may also depend on the location of your home and the type of property. If you have a single family home with a yard, pet noise will not be an issue. But, if your property is a condo or a townhouse or an apartment that’s surrounded by neighbors, you might run into trouble if your tenant has a dog that barks a lot. If you’re not willing to disrupt neighbors or your HOA, you may want to consider not allowing pets in a property that doesn’t have a yard or a lot of privacy.

Scottsdale Property Management: Market Trends

Everyone these days seems to have a small dog, and cats are not as common. If you say absolutely no to pets, you may be limiting your tenant pool. It could take you longer to find an acceptable tenant, and it may extend the process of renting out your home.

One thing to consider is that some pets are assistance animals. You have to accept assistance or service animals if the tenants have the required paperwork. If you don’t, you may violate fair housing laws. So, even if you don’t accept pets, there may be a time when an animal is permitted in your property. You need to be prepared for that scenario.

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