Once your rental property is ready to go, you have the rental property, you’ve written the lease agreement, and you have the application forms ready to be filled out, you are probably thinking about the showings that are soon to come. Or, alternatively, a previous lease contract is about to be up and the current occupants are moving out; you need to have successful property showings in order to ensure that the property will be occupied quickly.

  1. Market Your Property Listing

It doesn’t matter how prepared you are for a property listing if no one shows up to view the property. The first step to a successful property showing in Scottsdale, Arizona is to market your listing. Make sure that your rental property is listed on all of the most popular rental sites like Zillow.com and ApartmentList.com. Once it is scattered across all the rental sites out there, promote your listing on social media for maximum impact. Make sure that you create posts that utilize hashtags, present the best information and pictures of the listing, and properly utilize the specific features of each social media site in order to garner more views. You can also start a blog following your journey as a landlord in order to help your rental listings take priority in internet searches.

  1. Pay Attention to the Details

Once you have made sure that the listing of your property is in tip-top shape, make sure that your property is in great shape too. That means deep cleaning and touch-ups. Scrub down the walls, the counters, mop and vacuum the floors, clean the windows, and clean the bathroom and kitchen (scrub out all of the burnt remnants from the oven and stove, scrub residue in the toilet bowl and the shower.) If you are not particularly skilled at cleaning, consider hiring a professional cleaning service to get the job done right. You should also either touch up the current paint job or repaint the walls. Putty any holes or chips in the walls, replace sub-par toilet seats, and perform any other small maintenance duties that might be required.

  1. Stage the Rental Property

Open all of the blinds or curtains and turn on all the lights. If you are showing a vacant property, add some furniture and décor to help the property feel homier and help potential renters imagine their lives there. If the property is currently occupied, you can request that the occupants clean and reward them with a gift card or discounted rent. The most important thing about occupant cooperation is to let them know well ahead of time. Including this in the lease is another good idea.

  1. Limit Showing Times

Limiting showing times will help you to eliminate the stress of the showing process. This will make your life easier, and if the property is currently occupied, it will make your occupants lives much easier as well.

Need Help Keeping Your Property Occupied?

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