A rental property that remains vacant for an extended time is like an itch that’s just beyond your reach. It keeps irritating you yet you can’t quite get at it. Every extra day your rental stays empty represents money that you have lost. Landlords, therefore, need to utilize both conventional and unconventional methods to generate potential quality leads. Here are some ideas to help you draw potential occupants.

Use Your Social Media

People spend a sizable chunk of their day on social media. You should use your social platforms to advertise your rental to those already on it for better each. Join groups on Facebook that are dedicated to local matters in your area and advertise it.

Take good looking pictures to post on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter accompanying your listing. Enticing photos will grab a lot of attention from prospective tenants and so are crucial. To get the best photos.

  • Use sunlight to light your rental up. Take pictures on a sunny day with the doors and windows open.
  • Remove any furniture to make the rental look spacious, unless you’re advertising a furnished rental.
  • Take as many photos as you can from as many angles as possible. Although your rental might be familiar to you, someone viewing it for the first time would want to have a complete a view as possible. More is, therefore, better in this case.
  • Capture the kitchen shelves and wardrobes. Storage space helps your rental stand out as potential tenants appreciate the extra space.
  • Take well-lit photos of the outdoor areas to provide an all-round visual tour. Any prospective occupant can visualize themselves in the house when they see the interior and exterior spaces.

Use 360 Degree Video Tours

To gain an edge in acquiring tenants for your rental that has been unoccupied for a while, you should leverage technology in any way you can. Use 360-degree videos to give visitors to your rental listing a virtual tour of the space. With this type of video potential, tenants can scroll across their screens while watching to see the whole space. The trick isn’t to just shoot a video but to plan a well-choreographed tour since they can view every angle of the space. You have ample opportunity to pitch to them just as you would if they were inspecting it in person.

Use SEO Marketing Tactics

One of the best ways to get as many prospective tenants to view your rental is by listing it online. Look for the top rental marketing sites that drive as much traffic as possible and put up your listing. Run a keyword search to find out what the most popular phrases that people looking to rent in your target demographic use to search for vacancies online.

Use SEO to include the keywords in your listing’s description organically. The next time potential tenants in your target clientele space search for houses to rent online, your listed property will have a higher chance of success at being displayed among the top results.

If you have a website for your property, combine SEO and content marketing. Create quality blog posts on any aspect touching on renting a property that you know will resonate with potential occupants. Use SEO to identify the most popular keywords and include it in your posts. Your blog post will now rank higher when a search returns results including your keyword, providing visibility to your advertised house.

Once you publish the blog post, don’t stop at that. Approach popular lifestyle websites you think your target demographic might frequent to post your content. Since it is SEO ready, you will gain significant traffic to your site for potential leads.

Partner with Local Media

Reach out to a local radio station in your area and invite them to broadcast live from your location. The attention that comes from the listeners will generate potential leads you can follow up on.

Host Local Social Events

Invite reputable social events to the house you want to rent out and allow them to use it for their activities. By providing them with free space if it’s available, they, in turn, provide you with traffic to your vacant space.You can then pass fliers and put up signs to let the attendees know that the house is ready to let.Any interested party within the crowd will be able to take an impromptu tour of the place, increasing the chances of them responding positively to you. If the event has a social media presence, you can partner with them to showcase the space as they post live pictures or stream the event.

Hire Professional Managers

This is a tried and tested means of getting that house that has been unoccupied to get a tenant finally. A property management company in Paradise Valley will have a more extensive network of contacts that can generate more high-quality leads. Due to their vast experience, they can bring in a potential tenant quicker. You will have to pay a fee for their services though.

Another cost effective and tested way is to work with larger real estate companies in the area. Although their core function is to sell houses, they also facilitate tenant referrals. They will charge you a small fee for the service.

Host an Open House

The idea of an open house to advertise vacancies has existed for decades and with good reason. Open houses deliver traffic comprising potential tenants which can lead to quality leads. But it also creates the impression that there is demand for the rental.

The good idea is to organize your photo session during an open house. The pictures you will produce will get prospective tenants to view the home due to the implied demand.

Rental units can stay for a long time without any occupants, and this costs the landlord money. There are various online and offline methods to use to advertise any vacancies. Owners should leverage social media and newer technologies to expose their units to a much wider pool of potential tenants. With some effort and good tenant screening, any landlord should see their unoccupied rental begin to earn them money.