Being a landlord takes more than just collecting rent at the end of the month. Landlords must guarantee that their rentals adhere to the fundamental health, safety, and building requirements.

At Keyrenter Premier we believe the following are some of the most crucial things to consider in order to ensure your property meets safety every standard:

Improve Door Safety

When renting out your home, one of the first things you should do is evaluate the security of your exterior doors. Installing new, lockable doors constructed of durable, heavy-duty materials may be your best option. Doing so will frequently result in cheaper insurance costs as well. Consider adding additional locking systems, which can also result in lower premiums.

Deadbolt locks are another approach to increase door security because they make entry much more difficult. You can also install peepholes and chain locks to keep your renters happy.

Assess the Floors, Ceilings, and Walls

Smooth, non-slip surfaces are the most suitable for flooring. It is essential to use the best materials to protect against accidents.

It is also important to schedule a foundation examination if you notice any indications of uneven flooring. Check the walls for any cracks as the walls should be even and smooth. So, make an appointment for repairs if you see any bulging, curling, or flaking paint.


In order to enhance the comfort of your tenants, ceilings need to be well-insulated. A properly insulated unit will keep your apartments warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

When inspecting the unit, look for water stains, fresh cracks, and paint peeling. This suggests there has been water damage, which raises the possibility of mold growth and other water-related risks.

Secure Any Walkways and Staircases

You can prevent your renters or guests from tripping or falling on any stairways or walkways by maintaining them. Start by repairing rotten wood on staircases and filling gaps in any concrete, before they develop and become a safety problem.

It’s also good to paint stairways and walkways with a non-slip coating to improve traction in slippery conditions.

Screen Potential Tenants

Your choice of tenants will impact the safety and security of your property. Thankfully, there are many options available now for landlords, including online tenant screening services, property management companies, and leasing agencies. You can also request former landlords’ references as well as references from past employers to gain further insight into your prospects.

Install a Security System

A security system provides you with an advantage over other properties as tenants often choose a more secure home over a similar, less safe one. If unauthorized access has occurred, security systems might raise an alarm or detect movement using motion sensors. So, selecting the appropriate security system for your real estate is crucial as there are many options available.


Adding electronic locks to the doors will also increase security. Consider installing an alarm system if your rental is in a high-crime area. This could help you avoid going to court while also preventing break-ins.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Functional smoke and carbon monoxide detectors make it easier for your tenants to think about their safety. As a result, if the smoke rises in the early hours, the alarm will go off, and they can exit for safety.

Spend some time testing and ensuring that these detectors are operating correctly. These shouldn’t malfunction when they’re needed the most. In fact, if smoke detectors malfunction, landlords may be held responsible.

Maintain Your Appliances

In order to make sure that every part of your property is secure, it is a good idea to perform routine maintenance assessments. You want to prevent a broken device from overheating. Another possibility is that it’s too old and the internal wires aren’t working properly.

You can keep track of typical wear and tear by keeping a list of the life expectancies of each appliance in your home. This enables you to decide whether the item should be changed or sent for repair.

Examining the caliber of the appliances you’ve outfitted your rental house with is also an excellent idea. You may have purchased certain products on the cheap, which carries a significant risk.


Hire a Property Manager

Consider hiring a property manager if you need assistance with specialized activities like marketing or screening prospects. A property manager can assist with various property management challenges, such as upkeep, managing any emergencies, and maintaining security.

To ensure that the property remains in top shape, you might request that your property manager perform spot checks on the tenants. They can even go to the building when it is empty to give the impression that someone is active in the area.

Bottom Line

Safety is one of the most important aspects of a home. By closely adhering to the regulations, you secure your house, tenants, and your income. Evaluate what is under your control and make sure your rental complies with safety stands.

Always undertake routine inspections to ensure your home complies with all safety rules. Getting home insurance may be another way to account for all potential problems.

But, if you require assistance to guarantee that your rental property complies with all safety requirements, get in touch with the property management experts at Keyrenter Premier property management right away to see how we can assist you in getting your building compliant with safety laws.