Living in an apartment can be quite expensive. The electric bill is one of the biggest expenses that come along with living in an apartment. Fortunately, your Austin property management company has tips that will help you save money on electricity.

Tips For Lowering Your Electric Bill by Keyrenter Austin

Invest in Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Property management companies recommend that you replace your incandescent light bulbs. Compact fluorescent light bulbs are more expensive than incandescent light bulbs. However, they can help you save money in the long run. They use significantly less energy, which helps you cut down on your energy bill. Compact fluorescent light bulbs also last a lot longer.

Get New Appliances

If you have old appliances in your home, then they are probably using a lot of energy. Upgrading your appliances can be costly, but they can also help you save a lot of money on your electric bill. You will also be able to keep your new appliances longer. Televisions, computers, blenders, toasters and cooking appliances are examples of things that you can upgrade.

Change or Clean Your Air Filter

Your heating, ventilation, and cooling system is probably something that you do not pay a lot of attention to unless there is something wrong. However, your HVAC system requires regular maintenance. While major tasks should always be left to a professional, there are some things that you can take care of yourself, such as changing the filter.

Your air filter will likely need to be changed or cleaned once every 30 days. A clean filter helps keep your unit functioning properly. When HVAC systems work properly, they do not have to use as much energy. Changing the filter also helps you keep your HVAC system longer.

Turn Off the Lights and Ceiling Fan When You Leave the House

Many people leave their ceiling fans on because they want to keep their homes cool. However, a ceiling fan will not keep your home cool. It circulates cool air so that you will stay comfortable while you are in the room. That is why there is no need for you to leave your ceiling fan on when you leave the house. You should also turn the lights off before you leave the house.

Unplug Appliances

Most people are diligent about turning off their appliances when they are not using them. However, appliances will continue to use energy as long as you have them plugged in. You should unplug appliances when you are not using them.