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Keyrenter Premier Property Management – The Friend, Philosopher, and Guide You Need for Your Rental

It can be exhausting to switch your role from a regular employee at work to a landlord and oversee the tasks related to property management.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned investor, handling multiple, daily aspects of property management, such as maintenance, inspections, leasing, finding tenants, and attending to emergency repairs is even more daunting than it sounds. Do you have the time, energy, or experience to attend to all this and more?

Stop struggling to do it all by yourself. Hand over the headaches and responsibilities to the professionals at Keyrenter Premier Property Management and get the results you want.

Services and Systems

We Take Full Responsibility of Managing Your Investment Property, So You Don’t Have To

We are committed to delivering clients quality Scottsdale AZ property management services in line with both your requirements and goals and true to Keyrenter Premier’s values and high standards. We take pride in our leading property management services for owners and renters in Phoenix, AZ.

List Of Services

For Owners

  • Extensive Property Marketing
  • Comprehensive Leasing Agreements
  • Routine Property Inspection Services: Move-in, Regular, and Move-out Inspections
  • Quality Tenant Management
  • Expert Evictions Management
  • Accounting Services, including annual tax filing
  • Online Owner Portal

For Tenants


  • Easy Rent Collection with Online Payments
  • Quality and Safe Rental Properties
  • 24/7 Emergency Maintenance Response
  • Online Tenant Portal

What Our Client Say About Us

I have rental property in Scottsdale Arizona and I am very lucky and fortunate to have Jim Elfline manage my property. Jim knows how passionate I am about my property , he selects the best people who I know respect and take very good care. Jim has the greatest personality of any man I know . He is the BEST !! Thank you Jim for your great service.
Suguna S.

Reputation Reviews

Finding The Right Tenants for Your Phoenix Rental Property

Keyrenter Premier helps you find the tenants who can prove to be an asset to your property and improve the return on your rental property investment (ROI).

Tenant Placement & Screening

We find high-quality tenants for your rental and screen them thoroughly. Our 14-step tenant screening process is designed to safeguard your investment property from bad tenants.

We evaluate their eligibility by rigorously scrutinizing their rental history, credit report, employment, criminal records, identity, and social media in accordance with Fair Housing Laws.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that each tenant placed will keep your property profitable for years to come.

Drafting The Rental Lease

A lease agreement is the foundation of your rental business, and a weak and vague one will do no good. Keyrenter Premier helps you draft a clear and comprehensive lease that leaves zero ambiguity for misinterpretation and keeps the issues at bay from day one.

Our agreement covers a variety of aspects including, security deposit terms, rent policy, damage liabilities, smoking, HOA compliance, and pet policy, just to mention a few.

Managing Unfortunate Evictions

Although we spare no effort in placing well-qualified tenants, there are instances when eviction turns out to be the last resort. However, before taking the final decision, we try to resolve issues through effective communication. If eviction is unavoidable, we initiate the process and assist you throughout.

Marketing Your Phoenix Valley Rental

We advertise your rental property across diverse marketing platforms, including local classifieds, online resources, and other advertising venues. We list your house on the most popular listing websites and execute effective ad campaigns to attract potential tenants.

Stunning photographs and captivating descriptions are some other ways using which we make your Phoenix rental seem desirable.

Regular Property Inspections

Keyrenter Premier prioritizes the condition of your Phoenix rental property at every point – and our clients are able to choose the frequency of these inspections. We walk through your property at different stages of the lease to identify any necessary repairs and get them resolved quickly. With regular, qualitative inspections, we can also determine if the renter is complying with the lease.

24/7 Emergency Maintenance Response

Keyrenter Premier protects you from all maintenance-related glitches. Our qualified contractors address the issues while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

We have a dedicated tenant portal that enables tenants to submit maintenance requests easily. Renters’ safety and convenience hold great value for Keyrenter Premier, and we hold true to this value by offering 24/7 emergency maintenance hotline service.

Partner with Keyrenter to Manage Your Rental Property with No Hidden Fees.