A property management service like Keyrenter Premier exists for one purpose: to make landlords’ lives easier. We want to keep your rental properties profitable while helping you make the best use of your valuable time.

Advertise for Tenants

A property management service can reduce the difficulties associated with placing tenants in your properties. After all, an empty property is not profitable, which is the whole point of being a landlord. A place like Keyrenter Premier can advertise for you on the web and with physical signs. In addition, a property management service like Keyrenter Premier has a strong presence in the community. Do not discount the power of word of mouth advertising. 

Screen Tenants

At Keyrenter Premier, we believe in placing the right tenant with the right property owner. To do this we screen each tenant carefully, ensuring their ability to pay and follow the rules set forth in the lease.

We can also negotiate the lease agreement, making sure both parties are in agreement as to the financial terms and the rules of the lease.


Staying on top of maintenance issues is a key part of any landlord’s job. Dealing with things like a broken refrigerator, plumbing or cracked light fixtures can take up valuable time. Keyrenter Premier makes sure problems like these and others do not spiral out of control by paying attention to detail and handling them promptly. We will make sure these matters are resolved quickly through the most affordable means possible.