Many first-time landlords choose to hire a property manager as they find it challenging to manage the Phoenix rental by themselves. They are aware that the property managers can help ease the process with their skills and resources. However, they are often unsure what they should expect from their managers.

If you are planning to or have already hired a property manager for your first investment property, you can expect them to:

  • Screen The Tenants For Your Phoenix Rental

One of the chief responsibilities of a property manager is to find new tenants for your rental property. They also have to ensure that the tenant fits your requirements by implementing a thorough screening process. Additionally, the property manager should also conduct interviews to shortlist and select tenants after a rigorous application process which includes verification of the identity, credit scores, background information, and other important data of the potential tenants.

  • Market Your Phoenix Property

Once you hire a property manager, you should also expect them to market your house. They engage a team of professionals to market the unit and advertise it in the best light on popular listing websites. It will help your rental reach a wider audience and significantly increase your chance of finding a good tenant.

  • Handle Maintenance and Repair Issues

You can always rely on your property manager to quickly resolve any maintenance or repair issues raised by your tenants. It will significantly reduce your troubles of resolving tenant emergencies at odd hours. They also ensure that your rental is clean, well-maintained and that the tenant upholds the terms of the lease.

  • Collect Rent

The Phoenix property manager should ideally also take over all rent collection responsibilities, as it is one of their primary duties. They are expected to ensure timely rent collection from your tenants and enforcement of late fees in case of late payments. Many managers now make use of property management software and owner/tenant portals to streamline the process of rent collection. In addition to collection, they are also supposed to maintain a thorough record of property accounts and present monthly/quarterly reports to you regarding the health of your property.

  • Inspect Your Phoenix Rental

Property managers conduct periodic inspections to detect any problems with the unit and fix them before they escalate. This includes routine inspections as well as move-in and move-out inspections of the property. Additionally, they also perform seasonal maintenance required to keep your home safe from weather damage.

  • Manage Evictions

eviction letterIf you hire the right property manager, you may never have to be concerned with tenant evictions, as they find the best tenants for your rental. Having said that, tenant evictions are an unavoidable part of Phoenix property management and can be a tedious process to handle by yourself, especially if you are a first-time landlord. 

In such scenarios, hiring a property manager is highly beneficial as they carry out the eviction process on your behalf. They ensure that the tenant is sent legal notices in compliance with Arizona laws and follow all the necessary processes to make the eviction stress-free.

As a first-time investor in Phoenix, hiring a property management company that you trust to manage your rental can significantly reduce your stress and improve your rental experience. At Keyrenter Premier Property Management, we have a qualified team of professionals who can help first-time landlords navigate the ins and outs of Phoenix property management and make successful returns on their investment. 

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