Keyrenter Premier is a firm dealing in property management. We are located in Scottsdale AZ. We think having property and renting it out is a lovely idea though some pitfalls occur when you individually rent it out.
Investing in property may be one of the best retirement plans or money spinning ventures out here. You never want anything to go wrong. Having your property already built up and ready for occupancy is the easy part, having it work out for posterity is a different ball game altogether. We see many homeowners finding it hard to rent out their property and get their moneys’ worth. When alarm bells ring, you know it is time to call us in. Why would you need our professional property management services?

Picking the Right Tenant

You have heard horrible stories of bad tenants who wreak havoc upon unsuspecting owner managed property. That will be a thing you only hear of, but you don’t experience. We perform background checks concerning the tenants’ ability to fulfill financial obligations. One other thing you do not want is all the drama you may face during a tenant eviction. You cannot evict a bad tenant without prior notification, and it costs to remove one. To sidestep this, we would find you credible tenants, since we have peers who have reference information about potentially bad customers you can avoid.

Maintenance of the Property

Maintaining and running your property on a daily basis with competitive costs can be a headache for a property owner. We help in screening and negotiating contracts like security, general maintenance, and janitorial services. We then do public competitive contracting, bidding takes place then the decision falls to you in the selection of the best service provider. You may have considerable property, and it is, of course, an enormous task to supervise and resolve complaints from your tenants, so why don’t you sit back and let us manage the property for you.


As property managers, we deal with lots of administrative operations in managing your property. We deal with:
– Collection of rent
– Collection of taxes
– Ensure payment of mortgages on time
– Enforce payment of insurance premiums
– Ensure payment of maintenance fees is on time
– Work on the payroll
– We also track income and profitability of the property

Market the Property and Make Sure Occupancy Levels are High

Earning a steady income is the lifeline of us. We know the market well. We know how to rope in potential property renters and also have the knowledge of choosing good tenants. So in effect, we will work to fill vacancies in your property with credible tenants at all times.

Navigating property management does not have to be like walking through a minefield. If you are a property owner in Scottsdale AZ, make a call to Keyrenter Premier, and enjoy all the privileges of us managing your property for you.